Virtual Reality Television has been progressively becoming more and more possible over the past several years…until NOW!

Over the past 3 years, our best scientists have been hard at work to change television into an interactive viewing activity, putting the audience not only front row but IN all of your favorite TV shows!

Today, there are 5 platforms in which virtual reality is being used; anxiety therapy, VR training programs, Videogame systems, medical procedures, and the CAVE (a room with  multiple projectors to immerse users in a virtual world).  However, none of these displays of virtual reality, have advanced much or have come anywhere close to the VRTV.  The VRTV puts viewers right in their favorite programs, a use of virtual reality that remains unprecedented.  Combining HDTVs with virtual reality makes the viewing experience unmatched by anyother technology.  The VRTV, TV channels become destinations and your favorite shows become reality!

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